Wonderfly Games Policies

By booking Wonderfly Games, the customer agrees to abide by the following policies:

Weather Policy

  1. We cannot play or set up in the following conditions, at the sole discretion of Wonderfly Games
    1. Rain, thunder, or lightning
    2. Real feel temperatures colder than 40 degrees or hotter than 95 degrees for outdoor events.
    3. High winds in excess of 20 mph
    4. Muddy, wet, or slippy fields, or fields with any standing water
  2. Customers may reschedule their rental for free up until 6 hours before their rental start time. 
  3. For events with mixed forecasts, if we recommend cancelling and the customer wants to continue, the customer forfeits his/her right to later reschedule or request a refund for any time missed due to weather. We do reserve the right to make the final decision in weather related cancellations, but will defer to the customer's choice for forecasts with small chances of rain.

Cancellations and Refunds

  1. The 50% rental deposit is non-refundable and will not be refunded in the event of a cancellation. Any amount paid additional to the 50% deposit will be refunded with 14+ days notice.
  2. In the event of a cancellation or rescheduling, any amount paid, including the 50% deposit, can be used as a credit towards a future event scheduled within one year of their original event date. This does not carry over any discounts or special offers received.
  3. Customers may reschedule their event for free up until 6 hours before their rental start time.


  1. To complete a reservation, customers must either pay their full balance or pay a non-refundable 50% deposit. If the event date is within two weeks of booking then full payment is required to reserve.
  2. If a deposit is paid, the remaining balance is due 14 days before their scheduled event date. For customers who pay in full, the non-refundable deposit is built into this payment. Exceptions may be made for organizations that require specific payment terms.
  3. We reserve the right to charge additional fees dependent on the details and conditions of the rental. We will state any additional fees that apply before the customer books.
  4. Payment can be made by check or online by credit card. 

Additional Policies

  1. Customers will be responsible for securing a venue for their event that meets Wonderfly Games' criteria. We reserve the right to modify the customers' rental based on the size and features of the venue, if needed.
  2. If customers don't get official approval from the venue for their event and it is cancelled by venue/park staff during the event, Wonderfly Games will not refund the event. A discount may be applied to a future event based on any unused event time.
  3. All players must sign a waiver/release before playing. Minors must have their parents/guardians sign for them.
  4. Wonderfly Games reserves the right to charge customers for the cost of any theft or damage to equipment requiring repairs, replacements, or additional cleaning care, beyond normal wear and tear, caused by the customers' or their guests' misuse or unsupervised use of the equipment.

Policies for Brokerage Services

  1.  For customers looking to play outside of our service areas, we will try to connect customers with local providers.
  2. Wonderfly Games searches, contacts, and books local providers on behalf of our customers, with express prior approval from our customers.
  3. Wonderfly Games will charge customers a deposit to hold their date. The deposit consists of a non-refundable service fee for Wonderfly Games and holding deposit for the local provider to reserve the date. Wonderfly Games is responsible for paying the local provider their deposit. After Wonderfly Games receives the deposit from the customer, the local provider will oversee and be responsible for all remaining actions including billing and collection of the outstanding balance and all aspects related to the event/rental execution. 
  4. Wonderfly Games has no affiliation with any local providers. Wonderfly Games may not be aware of local providers' policies, equipment quality, rental management, or any other operations or business practices. Once Wonderfly Games connects the customer with the local provider, Wonderfly Games is not responsible for and will not be involved in any issues that arise between the customer and local provider including, but not limited to,  payment, scheduling, or refund disputes and event/rental quality and execution.