Arrow Tag

Ages 10+ Recommended

Bows & Foam-Tipped Arrow

Delivered & Coordinated!

Book Arrow Tag (aka Archery Dodgeball or Combat Archery) for your next party or event! Rental include a full battleground play area complete with inflatable barricades, event staff, multiple game modes, and more.

All Arrow Tag Rentals Include

Premium Bows &
Protective Masks

Foam-Tipped aRROWS & inflatable barriers

Delivery, Game setup,
and Event cleanup

Staff to train &
supervise The event

SPACE REQUIREMENTS: Minimum 100x50 ft area for 10 players. Can be played on all playing surfaces outdoors or indoors (requires 15+ ft ceiling height with no hazards)

Arrow Tag Pricing

Tax & travel fees may apply depending on your location.

The #1 Rated spot for Arrow Tag

The #1 Rated Spot for Arrow Tag

Google Rating
Based on 186 reviews
arrow tag, Arrow Tag
Google Rating
Based on 186 reviews
arrow tag, Arrow Tag

Locally owned & operated since 2014 with over 200,000 happy players to-date!

Arrow Tag Party Upgrades

Take your EVent to the next level!

Extra bows

Starting at $30

Elite Water guns

$20 each

Extra barriers

$15 each

Add Lawn Games

$50 each

What our clients say

We thoroughly enjoyed our bubble ball soccer (and other games) delivered and hosted by Andrew G! He was an expert and engaging host, and we loved the convenience of the larger-than-life game coming to us. Highly recommend Wonderfly Games, as they were so easy to schedule with, and very communicative! Great birthday party idea for adults (I assume for kids, too) that isn’t your typical go-to-a-bar or barbecue more
Caitlin M.
We had a great experience with Wonderfly! We rented 10 bubble balls for our staff training this week and the staff had a literal ball! There were a variety of games to play, the rep from Wonderfly was super helpful and did a great job. We will definitely be using them again!read more
Julie C.
Truly, amazingly, fantastic. I hired Wonderfly Games on behalf of a client and for their private event. Encompassing about 220 people of all ages, I wanted to make sure that the variety of games and activities would engage folks throughout the evening and reduce people sitting down staring into their phone screens. Over the last few nights since our event, I've had a few dozen guests tell me how much fun the games were.I couldn't believe how well received the games and so forth were. We booked some lawn games like bear pong, jenga, and corn hole. Kids and adults played these endlessly until they were being packed up.The larger games included laser tag, arrow tag, and bubble ball. These things were an instant hit, especially the bubble ball, kids, teens, and some adults played with them the entire evening, non-stop.All in all, the team on-site were great, checking in to make sure things were okay, I was happy, and letting me know their plan throughout. Via email and phone, everyone was equally as receptive.A fantastic overall more
Marshall L.
Great experience with the bubble balls for a joint birthday party for 9 year old and year old
I threw an adult party for my fiancé! As soon as I walked in the door of the arena there was a sign that said happy birthday! They had all of the throwback games for the gaming portion 😍 we played bubble ball soccer, arrow tag, basketball, and the hamster ball was my fave!!!I highly recommend but get ready for a real workout 😂read more
Kyn D.
Wonderfly was so easy to work with and did a seamless job at helping me get a private bubble ball event set up for my family! It was an awesome experience and I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to host an adults fun filled party!read more
Shikha S.
arrow tag, Arrow Tag

What is Arrow Tag?

Arrow Tag (aka Archery Dodgeball, Dodgebow, or Combat Archery) is an exhilarating combo of archery, dodgeball, and paintball. It's perfect for birthdays, bachelor parties, team building and special events. This exciting, action-packed bow and arrow game offers the ultimate party or event experience that engages everyone. 

Our team will deliver, setup & handle all the details of your arrow rentals. You can book online or call 410-891-2093 to reserve your Arrow Tag event today!

Arrow Tag is an exhilarating combo of archery, dodgeball, and paintball. Which makes it a great choice for birthdays, bachelor parties, team building and special events. This exciting, action-packed bow and arrow game offers the ultimate party or event experience that engages everyone. 

Our team will deliver, setup & handle all the details of your event. You can Book online or call 410-891-2093 to reserve your Arrow Tag (aka combat archery or archery dodgeball) event today!

All RENTALS Include

arrow tag, Arrow Tag

Game Equipment

Enjoy the safest and highest quality gear on the market. All equipment is cleaned with 100% non-toxic organic cleaner.

bubble ball soccer delivery van

Delivery & Setup

We deliver everything to you! Don't have a location? We will find and book an indoor or outdoor field for you, for free.

arrow tag, Arrow Tag

Rental Coordinators

Experienced rental coordinators will teach everyone how to play and make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

arrow tag, Arrow Tag

Unique Game Modes

Play six custom games with the BubbleBalls or create your own! Games include bubble soccer, sharks & minnows, and more.

Are you ready to host an unforgettably fun, low-stress party that your guests will be talking about for weeks?

Why Book Wonderfly Games?

We specialize In Amazing Parties & Events

arrow tag, Arrow Tag
  • 20+ Years of Event Experience
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Expert Game Coordinators
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Where To Play Archery Dodgeball Tag

People often ask, do you offer archery tag near me? The good news is all we need is a space at least 50' x 80' in size to play our Arrow tag games. Play year round at indoor and outdoor locations in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Don't have a location? No worries! Just submit an online request or call us at 410-891-2093.

Delivered To You

Play year-round at indoor and outdoor locations. All we need is open space for a standard game. Just submit an online request or call us at 410-891-2093.

Indoor or outdoor spaces about the size of a basketball court. 

arrow tag, Arrow Tag
Parks & Fields
arrow tag, Arrow Tag
Indoor Venues
arrow tag, Arrow Tag

Serving MD, DC, VA, DE, and PA

  • Parks & Fields
  • Sport Facilities
  • Backyards
arrow tag, Arrow Tag

Wonderfly Arena

Play at our indoor arena event spaces in Baltimore County!

Play at our new indoor arena in Baltimore County, MD!

  • 13,000 sq feet
  • Party Spaces
  • Turf Field

Archery Games

included in all rentals!

Dodgeball archery

This is the classic game mode where two teams attempt to knock each other out. Rules are very similar to dodgeball.

Protect the castle

One team uses all the available bunkers to create a base and the other team attempts to invade their fort.

Fortnite Mode

If you play Fortnite then you need to try this. Each team creates their own forts and has the ability to revive teammates.

Zombie Archery

When you get hit by an arrow or when someone from another team catches your arrow you join that team.

Capture the flag

The goal is to get the enemy flag back to your home base without being hit with an arrow. 

Free for all

Every person for themselves. Last player standing wins it all. You will need a bow and as many arrows as you can carry. 

How to Play

How It Works: Two teams, consisting of 5-10 players each, line up opposite one another on a field.  Each team is separated by a "safe zone" and has access to inflatable barriers on each side to hide behind. You eliminate a player by hitting him or her with a foam tipped arrow, or by catching his or her arrow. A "hit" player can be called back into the game when a teammate catches a foam tipped arrow.

arrow tag, Arrow Tag

There are three objectives: 

  • Hit other players with your arrows
  • Catch the other teams' arrows
  • Survive the game round

We Take Safety Seriously

Equipment is Cleaned and Disinfected Before Every Use

Wonderfly is Fully Insured, Licensed and Inspected

Guided Safety Instructions Included With All Events

Cleaning & Sanitation

We maintain the highest standard of cleanliness. All equipment is cleaned and disinfected before, after, and during every event. We disinfect all game equipment and frequently-touched surfaces between every use.

Game Coordinators

Each of our coordinators undergoes an extensive hiring/training process before they work events. Every coordinator is trained on proper game operation and safety rules.

Our Equipment

We spare no expense when it comes to purchasing the safest and highest quality equipment on the market. Supervisors and game coordinators will ensure players are aware of how to use equipment and give a safety briefing to all players before games.

How It Works

We've Made it easy. Super easy.

Three simple steps to plan an unforgettable event:


Choose Your Game(s)

Choose from the best party games available today!


Submit A Request

Book now or call (410) 891-2093 to talk to a Wonderfly Planner.


We Deliver The Fun!

We'll deliver all game equipment & set it all up!


Pick Your Game(s)

Choose from the best party games available today! We offer fun options for kids and adults of all ages and groups of all sizes.


Submit A Request

Book now or call (410) 891-2093 to get started. A Wonderfly Party Planner will be in touch to help you reserve the best games.


We Deliver To You!

We deliver everything to you & set everything up! Our staff stay to coordinate games and make sure everything goes smoothly.

How Rentals Work

Arrival and Setup

Our game coordinators will deliver all game equipment to a your location of your choice. They will arrive 20-30 minutes early to start setting up. All games will be ready by your start time.