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What is Arrow Tag?

Arrow Tag is an exhilarating combo of archery, dodgeball, and paintball. Which makes it a great choice for birthdays, bachelor parties, team building and special events. This exciting, action-packed bow and arrow game offers the ultimate party or event experience that engages everyone. 

Our team will deliver, setup & handle all the details of your arrow rentals. You can Book online or call (844) 344-2867 to reserve your Arrow Tag (aka combat archery) event today!

Man shooting Arrow Tag arrow at Coppermine Du Burns Arena

What's Included

​Premium Equipment

​Enjoy the safest and highest quality gear on the market. All equipment is cleaned with 100% non-toxic organic cleaner.

​Delivery & Setup

​We deliver everything to you! Don't have a location? We will find and book an indoor or outdoor field for you, for free.

​Rental Coordinators

Experienced rental coordinators will teach everyone how to play and make sure ​the experience ​is safe, fun, and unforgettable.

​How to Play Arrow Tag Games

Archery Games: Two teams, consisting of 5 players each, line up opposite one another on a field.  Each team separated by a "safe zone." ​Also, there are inflatable barriers on each side for players to hide behind.

There are two objectives:

1) Hit the opponents, and 

2) ​Catch other teams arrows and dodge incoming arrows

You eliminate a player by hitting him or her with a foam tipped arrow, or by catching his or her arrow. ​ A "hit" player can be called back into the game when a teammate catches a foam tipped arrow.

Wonderfly Games Rental Guide BubbleBall Arrow Tag Hamster Balls

​Get the rental guide!

Includes BubbleBall pricing, locations, game info, and more.

The #1 Rated Spot for Arrow Tag

98% of reviews rate Wonderfly Games 5-stars!

Arrow Tag Target Practice Indoor Party
  • Fun for both kids and adults
  • FREE delivery and game setup
  • Coordinators/referees included
  • Assistance finding a location
  • Join 150,000+ players today!
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Arrow Tag Equipment Rental Pricing

Simple, straight forward pricing

Choose from our most popular packages below OR create your own.

1 hour

rental Package

from $299

No credit card required.

  • Free delivery and game setup
  • All equipment needed to play
  • Six ​Arrow Tag games to play!
  • Game coordinators/referee
  • Free rescheduling policy

1.5 hour

rental Package

from $399

No credit card required.

  • Free delivery and game setup
  • All equipment needed to play
  • Six ​Arrow Tag games to play!
  • Game coordinators/referee
  • Free rescheduling policy

2 hour

rental Package

from $499

No credit card required.

  • Free delivery and game setup
  • All equipment needed to play
  • Six Arrow Tag games to play!
  • Game coordinators/referee
  • Free rescheduling policy

Delivery is always free up to 80 miles and we never charge any hidden fees.

Where to play Bow and arrow Tag

We deliver the fun to you!

All we need is a space at least 50' x 80' in size to play our Arrow tag games. Don't have a location? No need to worry because we are happy to help you find one! Just submit an online request or call us at (844) 344-2867 and we can help you find a great spot play our archery games.

Parks & Fields
grass or turf

​Indoor Facilities
turf or sports courts

flat grassy area

Need help finding a place to play Arrow Tag?

Frequently Asked Questions

Gameplay & Rules

What is the age limit?

How many bows should I rent?

Is Arrow Tag safe?

Can I play in the rain or snow?

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Booking & Payment

How do I book?

Is there a deposit?

How do I pay?

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Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us.

"These guys rock and the experience is one I will never forget."  
- Alex V.

The #1 Rated Spot for Arrow Tag!

98% of Reviews Rate our Arrow rentals Experience 5-Stars!

​Why Arrow Tag?

​Some call it Archery Dodgeball, Bow Tag, Archery Attack™,​ impact archery, Archery Tag™, or Battle Bows. We are Wonderfly Games and ​our combat archery game is called Arrow Tag. It's ​essentially a hybrid of dodgeball, paintball, and safe archery. It can be played as an outdoor adventure game or one of the most indoor extreme sports you'll ever experience.

​​The first step of any bow and arrow tag game is to set up all of your arrow tag equipment ​at the play​ location. This includes your foam archery targets, foam-tipped recurve bow arrows, and inflatable barriers. Once everything is set up the archery tagging war begins!

What happens next is best described as a full-scale game of bow and arrow dodgeball. You'll duck, dodge, and dive out of the of incoming arrows while trying to take out the other team. It's of the most exhilarating party and event games available today. Are you ready?

​Game Options

Battle Royale

​This is the classic game mode where two teams attempt to knock each other out. Rules are very similar to dodgeball.

​Protect the Castle

​One team uses all the available bunkers to create a base and the other team attempts to invade their fort.

​Fortnite Mode

​If you play Fortnite then you need to try this. Each team creates their own forts and has the ability to revive teammates.

​Zombie ​Archery

​When you get hit by an arrow or when someone from another team catches your arrow you join that team.

Wonderfly Games has no affiliation or connection with the Archery Tag™ or Archery Attack™ brands and in no way represents them.