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Corporate Team Building Events 

Outrageously fun team building games and activities that are anything but ordinary.

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You’ve seen our games.  Maybe you’ve even tried it and enjoyed working off some excess energy!  But did you know that there’s much more going on here than meets the eye?  That’s right.  This is not your ordinary smash fest!

Yes, there are the basics--the fun and excitement of safely and comically running headlong into your friends, family and coworkers.

But there’s also some very interesting group dynamics at play here.  At Wonderfly Games, that’s one of our goals--to build experiences that help event organizers achieve a fun and often highly-educational and informative experience that builds character, friendship, collaboration, trust and more among all participants.

We sell experiences.

We transform a simple physical experience into a robust team-building experience with a ever-growing array of goal-based activities that help companies and organizations develop their members in various ways.  

Read through our most popular goal-based experiences and see how we transform what first seems like a simple bouncing activity into a multi-layered group activity with skill-building dynamics at work behind the scenes.


Nothing brings teams together like a fun shared experience that can be talked about for days or weeks following a team building event. Our simple, relatable physical activities strip away the cubicle and cell phone barriers to let people engage with each other in a direct form that builds understanding and appreciation among team members.  

If you have a group that could use some new energy or collaboration, let us suggest one of our team bonding event activities to fill the need.

Suggested activities:

  • Bubble Soccer
  • Arrow Tag Challenges
  • Hamster Ball​ Races
  • Protect the President
  • ​Sharks & Minnows


If your looking to develop communication among a group of employees, look no further than our time-driven corporate team building games that compel teams to work together against the clock to achieve a common goal.  

Ask the teams to pick captains. Rotate this role at each round. Let the discussion flow as the team members find themselves collaborating to achieve their goal.

Suggested activities:

  • Bubble Puzzle
  • Capture the Flag
  • Blindfold Dash
  • Bubble Protector

Decision Making

Today’s business moves at light speed, with the need to make many critical decisions throughout a typical day--decisions which must account for all of the facts and a situational awareness that helps keep the group, team or company driving toward its team building goal.

Our physical challenges are designed to encourage rapid, accurate decision-making from team captains and team players such that the overall goals can be achieved and a successful outcome realized at the end of the activity.  By continually assessing the situation at hand, exploring all possible options, and choosing the best course for the group, decision-making is brought to the forefront of the experience in a non-office environment that translates to day-to-day operations back at the office.

Suggested activities:

  • Bubble Puzzle
  • Air Bubble
  • Bubble Basketball
  • Sharks & Minnows


​If you’re developing new leadership in your organization, or shedding light on the impact or importance of leadership as a role in your company, use this opportunity to demonstrate how good leadership is developed and matures.  Watch as direction and delegation unfold during the events, as leaders make assignments to teammate roles, set priorities for next actions, and delegate responsibilities for various aspects of the activity.

In our simplified physical environment, the importance of leadership comes to the foreground and becomes an obvious talking point for everyone in the experience.

Suggested activities:

  • Protect the President
  • Bubble Football
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Shape Shifter


When productivity depends on your employees cooperating and collaborating on a common goal at your company, it’s critical to develop trust and camaraderie among the group.  Our activities are designed with that type of interaction in mind--to put people into situations that require alternating or successive actions that succeed only through cooperation.  

When a group is working toward a common goal, racing against another team or against the clock, they quickly discover the importance of working closely together to achieve the goal.  From this challenge comes communication, decision-making, collaboration, exchange of ideas and encouragement that translates to a higher level of group cooperation back at the office.

Suggested activities:

  • Bubble Kickball
  • Shape Shifter
  • Bubble Puzzle
  • Air Bubble
  • Protect the President

Company Culture

Looking for corporate team building ideas? Has your company recently merged with another?  Got two teams that don’t know each other but have to work together?  This can be a problem, especially when the teams come from two different corporate cultures.  Without bonds across the team, how can you get them talking, collaborating, sharing, and working together effectively?

With a shared experience that engages team members in a way that promotes communication, cooperation and camaraderie.

To best reach your team building goals, we suggest creating two or more teams that consist of a mix of players from each company culture.  Give the teams names or let them create their own. Build identities that create a new group culture.

Suggested activities:

  • Hamster Ball Relay Games
  • BubbleBall Tournament
  • Arrow Tag Tournament
  • Hot Potato Challenge
  • BubbleBall Jailbreak

See why the Mid-Atlantic's top companies call Wonderfly Games the "best corporate team building event ever".

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BubbleBall Explosion Fun

So perhaps you're thinking, "hmm, this might be awesome for our group!". Oh, but wait...NOW you have to explain it and pitch it to everyone at the event committee meeting. Ugh. Okay, to make your job (and life) easier, we put everything into one organized printable guide. 

Or contact us anytime!

"Our team loved the experience!"

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Date & Time

We rent our games out year round. After submitting your request, we will check our schedule and confirm we are available on your requested date. Due to high demand we recommend booking 2-3 weeks in advance. Check availability to confirm you date is available.

Where to Play

We bring the fun to you! We just require a grassy space about the size of a basketball court (50'x80') to play a standard 5v5 game. We can set up our corporate games outdoors in most parks, backyards, schools, and indoor facilities. Check out location map or contact us for location assistance.

How Many People

You can rent as few as 6 BubbleBalls or 6 Arrow Tag bows and as many as 100 BubbleBalls (and anything in-between!). Keep in mind, our games are tiring and players can quickly swap in and out, so you often don't need to rent one bubble per person. ​

Our Games

The next generation of team building


BubbleBall is a mix of bumper cars, sumo, and ridiculousness. You are protected by a giant bubble that covers you from your thighs to above your head. You can get knocked down and flip over without feeling a thing!

Arrow​ Tag

Arrow Tag is a hybrid of dodgeball and paintball. You use your bow & foam-tipped arrow to shoot opposing players. Dodge incoming arrows, let your arrows fly, and take out your opponents from across the field!

Hamster Balls

Hamster Balls add large-scale, epic fun to any company event. Get inside and roll around like you are in your own personal moon bounce. Relay race your co-workers, bump into them, and enjoy the thrill of 360 degree fun!

​Corporate Packages

​The perfect package for any group size.

  • Event coordinators included
  • Delivered to a field near you
  • Packages for all group sizes

For less than half the cost of the average team building work event, you can give your company something truly unique and memorable.

We transform a simple physical experience into a robust team-building experience with a ever-growing array of goal-based activities that help companies and organizations develop their members in various ways.

Schedule a call with one of our event coordinators today to create the ultimate corporate experience for your team. We will work with you to select the perfect game(s) that everyone will enjoy help you organize the whole thing so you can be the office hero!  

Bubble Soccer Corporate Team Building Ideas from Wonderfly Games

​Where To Play

​We deliver the fun to you!

Outdoor Team Building
Parks  •  Backyards  •  Schools  •  Fields

​Indoor Team Building
​Gyms  •  ​Indoor Fields  •  ​Athletic Centers

"An enormous amount of fun for everyone!"

-Capital One

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Wonderfly Games™ is the #1 party activity entertainment company in the Mid-Atlantic area, serving Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We create one-of-kind experiences for all ages and athletic abilities. Games currently include BubbleBall, Hamster Balls, and Arrow Tag. Our five-star reviews and dedication to customer experience speak for themselves. Are you ready to play?!

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