The Ultimate
Birthday Party Checklist

Birthday Party Checklist

Birthday parties should be fun, not stressful. Whether you’re figuring out the best place to have the birthday, where to get birthday supplies, how to do the birthday invitations, or what would be fun birthday games or activities, here's a handy checklist to help you simplify all of your plans.

Two Months Before

Set the party date and time
If you are not having the party at your house, book the space
If you are hiring a photographer, do this now

Six Weeks Before

Choose a party theme with your child
Figure out who's going to be invited
Reserve the party entertainment

Four Weeks Before

Make a list of attendees and prepare your invitations
Order the cake and prepare the menu
Determine games and activities to match your party theme

Three Weeks Before

Mail or email invitations
Purchase all party supplies

One or Two Weeks Before

Create a party flow schedule
Inventory your supplies and purchase more, if needed
Call families who have not yet responded to your invitation

Three Days Before

Purchase food and beverages
Call entertainment to confirm expectations
Call party venue to confirm all details
Assemble party favors

One Day Before

Bake cake or pick up pre-ordered cake
Confirm help if using extra help
Decorate home or gather decorations for party venue
Prepare make-ahead food
Child-proof the party area
Make sure you have plenty of candle and matches

One Week After

Send thank you cards!

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