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, The Most Fun Things To Do In Baltimore

Arrow Tag party at Patterson Park hosted by Wonderfly Games.

Musts for the newbie...

Hey, you’re in Baltimore! Let’s at least scratch the surface while you’re here. Here are some of the most popular go-to Baltimore musts.

1. Traverse the Inner Harbor

2. Eat some steamed crabs (my personal fave is Jimmy's Famous Seafood)

3. Get yourself a Natty Boh beer (only if you're 21+, of course)

4. Stroll through Fells Point and grab yourself an oyster

5. Head to Patterson Park to see a sweet pond (there are heron's!)

baltimore city inner harbor

For more offbeat options...

Baltimore is quirky as heck, so let’s dive into some more obscure but equally incredible adventures that can be found in Charm City.

6. Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum

7. Evergreen Museum

8. National Museum of Dentistry

9. Bazaar oddities shop (you'll find everything from skulls to insects!)

, The Most Fun Things To Do In Baltimore

If you're here to play...

10. Wonderfly Arena

I may be a bit biased on this one but I wouldn't include it if I didn't think it was one of the most fun spots in Baltimore. Wonderfly Arena has something for everyone from BubbleBall and Arrow Tag games to virtual reality, corporate event space, party rooms, turf field, sports leagues, and much more.

11. Mustang Alley's Bar, Bowling, & Bistro

This awesome hangout offers beers, duckpin & 10-pin bowling & American fare under one roof. 

12. iFly Baltimore

Is skydiving on your bucket list? A little nervous about jumping out of plane at 12,000 feet? You're not alone. iFly Baltimore brings the joy and freedom of skydiving indoors. Make sure to check out their new skydiving VR experience too!

, The Most Fun Things To Do In Baltimore

Get the rental guide!

Includes pricing, locations, game info, and more!

Museum and art lovers...

If you’re looking for some cultural, visual stimulation while you’re here, check out the paintings! There are some truly artsy gems here.

13. The Walters Art Museum

Usually lightly trafficked with calm vibes, this three-story museum showcases oil paintings, sculpture, and medieval frescoes (that are completely mesmerizing) if you’re looking for an art day in historic Mount Vernon, Baltimore.

14. Baltimore Museum of Art

Also known as the BMA, this museum has an expansive expressionist painting collection and an almost 3 acre landscaped sculpture garden that makes you feel like a fairy while you traverse through. IF you’re looking for a delicious 5-star bite to eat, Gertrude’s restaurant is a gorgeous, high class spot to sit and muse the outdoor sculptures while you nosh.

15. American Visionary Art Museum

I guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like this museum. Mainly comprising works of prison inmates, trauma victims, and the elderly (am I making this sound too dark? apologies…it’s actually quite an uplifting place) you can enjoy intricately knitted wall tapestries, interactive ‘wombs’ you can climb inside, and unique, ever-changing exhibits with themes such as “parenting” and “transgenders”.  

baltimore maryland museum of industry

16. Baltimore Museum of Industry

Finally, a museum that doesn’t showcase the elite. This spot depicts the people who are often overlooked: the workers, small business owners, and others who built our history. 

17. National Cryptologic Museum

Just in case you’re not quite sure… cryptologic is the study, writing and solving of codes. You can catch a glimpse of some of the people who devoted their lives to cryptology and national defense, the machines and devices they developed, the techniques they used, and the places where they worked. 

18. Historic Ships in Baltimore

Enjoy a massive collection of military vessels (which are conveniently short walking distances from one another) showcase monumental ships of the mid 19th century to the mid 1980’s. Get a load of what life at sea was like.

, The Most Fun Things To Do In Baltimore

Pictured: Fleet Week 2016. Photo Credit: Northrop Grumman Corporation

Stuff to do downtown...

Let’s booze cruise all the way across the harbor, check out the city skyline from the water, and catch some wind in our sails for the day. Ahhhh, blue skies ahead.

19. Canton Waterfront Park

Sitting between Boston Street and the Harbor, Canton Waterfront Park offers eight acres of amazing views of the harbor and an easily accessible recreation area perfect for picnics, sports, and play. Canton Waterfront Park is also home of the WTMD First Thursday concert series.

20. Baltimore Trolley Tours

Explore Baltimore and enjoy sights and charm of this city through Baltimore Trolley Tours.

21. Baltimore Spirit Cruises

Do you like panoramic skyline views, delicious meals, live music and rooftop lounges? Want to enjoy all of that on a cruise ship? Of course you do. 

22. The Gallery

There's a bit of everything here from shopping to dining and entertainment. 

Free things? Yes please!

You know that a fun time doesn’t always cost money, in fact, the best things in life are free. Duh! Here’s your guide to a great day in Bmore while keeping the green in your wallet.

23. Baltimore Museum of Art

24. The Book Thing

25. The Baltimore Basilica

25. Gwynns Falls Trail

Unique date night ideas in Baltimore

A bottle of wine, nighttime views, and your lover in a new town is a truly great combo. Let’s figure out just how romantic you want to get while you’re here.

26. Illusions Magic Bar and Lounge

27. Federal Hill Park

28. Patterson Park

29. Cazbar Restaurant

30. Sherwood Gardens

If you just need to entertain the kids...

The honeymoon is over, but now it’s time to have a family adventure. We’ve compiled a list of local activities that all of you are sure to have a blast with.

31. National Aquarium

32. The Maryland Zoo

33. Port Discovery Children's Museum

34. Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

Here for shopping...

35. Baltimore Farmers Market and Bazaar

There’s always a seasonal event going on, whether it’s a local art exhibit or an array of the freshest MD produce for sale

36. Harborplace and the Gallery

Your downtown mall with all the spots and chains you’re used to

37. Harbor East and Harbor Point

For a little swank, hit up Anthropologie, Under Armour, and some of the best food places you can find in the city

38. Fells Point

Whether it’s a 90’s feels CD shop, ( quaint home decor spots or cafes that all the locals rave about, this neighborhood sure is cute

39. Antique Row

Shop old prints, bronze coffee table decor, and vintage mink coats

40. The Lexington Market

From meats, BBQ, produce, bakeries, soul food, deli, to Malaysian, there’s something here you’re craving

The well-rounded foodie guide (get it?)

Get in my belly! So, are you hungry? Awesome, here are the best spots to satiate your gut while you’re in town.

41. Charleston Restaurant

42. The Capital Grille

43. The Bygone

44. Mama's On The Half Shell

45. Miss Shirley's Cafe

46. The Land of Kush

47. Blue Moon Cafe

48. SoBo Cafe

49. Thames Street Oyster House

50. Sotto Sopra

Hope this holds the seeds for an incredible day or weekend for you while you’re here! Baltimore is a hidden gem, so get out there to enjoy it and realize how eclectic this town really is.