Birthday Invitation Ideas

Birthday Party
Invitation Ideas

Turn your invitation idea into a fun activity with your kids! Whether you have a theme, or not, you can use the ideas below to get started.

1. Message in a bottle Invitations

A great trick is to print out the invitation on standard white paper. Print 4 up on a page then cut into 4 individual squares. Use a tea bag to create a vintage treasure map feel. You'll be using the tea bag as a stamp. Once you've stamped the paper to your liking, let it dry then begin to roll the paper and tie it with a string. Get miniature bottles and insert the message. 

2. Balloon Invitations

What's cooler than blow up a balloon to read it's message? A quick DIY trick is to print on brown kraft paper announcing the party. The size of the card can be 5x7 or smaller. Get a bag of balloon and sharpie oil paint pens to write your message. Inflate each balloon with a decent amount of air then clip and twist the end. Once clipped, you can write the invitation and begin to deflate. 

3. Digital Invitations

An alternative to DIY invitations is sending one via email. For busy parents, the benefit of digital invitations goes well beyond the cost savings. It allows you to design invites and send them to guests in mere moments. There are plenty of sites to visit to make the perfect invitations. Some of our favorites are PunchbowlMintedEvite and Paperless Posts. Take a look at their invitations to get your creative juices flowing. 

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