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The Easiest Party You'll Ever Plan!

Wonderfly Games is the #1 provider of BubbleBall, Arrow Tag, and Human Hamster Ball parties, with over 100,000 players to-date. We deliver the fun to a convenient location near you and take care of everything, from setup to coordination, so you can just focus on having fun. Not sure what game to reserve or where to play? Don't worry. Contact us or submit a request and we'll help you every step of the way.

  • FREE delivery & setup
  • Fun for kids & adults 
  • Coordinators included
  • Join 100,000+ players!


Ages 5 to adult

, Beltway Bargain Mom

BubbleBall is a mix of bumper cars, sumo, and ridiculousness. You are protected by a giant bubble that covers you from your thighs to above your head. You can get knocked down and flip over without feeling a thing!

arrow tag

Ages 10 to adult

, Beltway Bargain Mom

Arrow Tag is a hybrid of dodgeball and archery. You use your bow & foam-tipped arrows to take out opposing players while you take cover behind our inflatable barriers. It's pretty much paintball + dodgeball + archery.

hamster balls

Ages 5 to adult

, Beltway Bargain Mom

Hamster Balls add large-scale, epic fun to any  event. Get inside and roll around like you are in your own personal moon bounce. Relay race, bump into them, and enjoy the thrill of 360 degree fun!