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What Makes a Wedding Reception Enjoyable?

Well, we’re here! 2021 is already off to a wild start, and it’s just beginning. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many brides and grooms were forced to reschedule or even cancel their weddings, receptions, engagement parties, bridal showers, and everything in between. Now that things are beginning to return to normalcy (somewhat), it's time to get planning again. Here lies the age-old question; what makes a wedding reception fun? We've ALL been to at least one dreary wedding in our lives. So when it comes to planning your own wedding: you KNOW you want the best. wedding activities around. Here a few out-of-the-box ideas that will set your wedding reception apart. I've compiled a list of 12 wedding games to fill your reception with fun! Let's dive in.

wedding reception

The Best Wedding Reception Games

After the first dance and the Cha-Cha slide, you may be surprised to see your guests thirsting for more fun. Offer them an unforgettable experience with these wedding reception games. Perfect for both an indoor and outdoor setting, these wedding games are a hit!

1. Bubble Ball & Hamster Ball

Giant inflatable balls that offer a myriad of fun and excitement. What’s more to love? You wear BubbleBalls like a backpack and run into each other, knocking each other over while playing fun games like soccer, football, sharks and minnows, and more. Alternatively, HamsterBalls fit your entire body inside allowing for incredible relay races and time trials.

2. Arrow Tag

Ever wanted to play dodgeball with Hawkeye? I don’t, but, you’re braver than I am. So, why not try out Arrow Tag. It follows the rules of dodgeball but instead of balls you play with a bow and arrows. Intense right? Don’t worry, each set comes with facemasks for safety (since we’re all used to that now).

3. Bingo

The classic game re-tailored for your special day. Bingo sets can be easily purchased and used to spice up your reception. Try offering fun prizes that have a special meaning to you and your significant other, with an explanation of the meaning so your guests will truly treasure what they’ve won. You can even make the top or final prize one of your wedding gifts! Just make sure you tell all your giftees beforehand, there’s bound to be at least 3 toasters in the pile!

bingo wedding games

Wedding Lawn Games For Your Outdoor Event

Throwing a fun outdoor wedding and need some incredible wedding lawn games? Look no further. These outdoor wedding games are sure to set your special day apart from the rest. Not only are they a blast to play, but they’re also easy! As a result, your wedding guests will find themselves having the time of their lives!

4. Giant Games

You’ve played Jenga and Connect 4 but never like this! Your wedding guests are bound to have a blast competing in these classic games for everyone to see. Try splitting into teams based on the wedding parties, the losing team has to buy the other drinks. Of course, if your reception has an open bar, bragging rights always works as an excellent prize.

Wedding-Friendly Giant Lawn Games

  1. 1
    Giant Jenga
  2. 2
    Giant Connect Four
  3. 3
    Bear Pong
wedding games, 12 Wedding Games to Fill Your Reception With Fun

5. Cornhole

corn hole game

Cornhole is the perfect wedding reception game. It’s easy to play and familiar to all age groups and extremely inexpensive to purchase. Not ready to purchase a set for just one day? Click the button below for a company local to you that offers contactless rental options for cornhole sets.

6. Egg Spoon Race

Split your reception party into teams (generally by family) and have them complete in a classic egg spoon race. Let’s see who’s got the more coordinated genes. Since your wedding party is already split into two this is an easy “race down the aisle” activity to throw together and offer a fun twist to your wedding reception.

Best Wedding Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Scavanger Hunts. You love them. I love them. Your wedding guests love them too! So, how can you kick them up a notch and offer the best savenger hunt experience at your wedding? The answer is easy, just check out these fun ideas and put your own creative spin on them.

7. Find the Ring

No, not THE ring - and not the "one ring" either! Stop by any department store or ‘Claire’s’ and purchase an inexpensive ring to use as the ultimate find for your wedding reception scavenger hunt. You can offer your guests adorable clues based on memorable moments from your blossoming relationship to allow your guests to literally traverse through your journey together.

wedding rings

8. Water War Scavenger Hunt

wedding games, 12 Wedding Games to Fill Your Reception With Fun

What’s better than a scavenger hunt? A wet one! Instruct your guests to bring a change of clothes and offer them a fun, engaging, and competitive take on the classic scavenger hunt. Split into teams and work together to try and solve the clues leading to the next item. Each item a team finds grants them a number of water balloons and launchers to bombard the other team once the hunt is over. Will your team be well-armed or ducking for cover?

9. Find the Bouquet

Instead of tossing your bouquet like every other wedding, make it a challenge! Hide multiple flowers, along with a full bouquet for your bridesmaids to find. Gone are the days of awkward catches from guests who aren’t ready to have that conversation with their plus one just yet.

bouquet wedding game

Wedding Activities For Kids

Now for the hard part. Your wedding planner is pooped, and your bridesmades are tipsy, but, oh won’t anyone think of the children!? Well, now, you don’t have to! I’ve done it for you! Here are some amazingly fun and creative wedding games for kids.

10. Angry Birds

This fun and creative game uses plush Angry Birds toys, cardboard structures, and rubber band launchers to recreate the classic mobile game. An exciting wedding game for kids, Angry Birds is a sure hit and easy to implement. There are even companies that will deliver the whole set directly to your reception hall or home.

wedding games, 12 Wedding Games to Fill Your Reception With Fun

11. Nerf Wars

To be fair, the adults at your reception will have a hard time NOT jumping into this one. Nerf Wars is a fun and competitive way to see which family has the most skilled kids. They’ll channel their inner Fortnite capabilities in this time-honored traditional display of mayhem and excitement.

Nerf gun backyard party rental with Wonderfly Games

12. Virtual Reality

Now with the Occulus Quest and local arcades and facilities with rental options, you can bring the fun of Virtual Reality to your reception. Play fun games like Minecraft, Beat Wars, and Spider-Man in a stunning virtual environment. Some systems even allow for you and the rest of your guests to actually see what the player sees on a big screen tv or projection screen. What once was a specialized niche activity only found in malls can now be a spectator sport at your wedding reception.

wedding games, 12 Wedding Games to Fill Your Reception With Fun